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We supply and install state of the art suspended ceilings systems in London and throughout the U.K. Our installations are carried out to the highest standards and all of our work conforms with the current legislations.

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Suspended ceilings, also known as Dropped ceilings, are an essential part of architectural and constructional works in modern times. They can either be used in commercial or residential structures. The metal grid systems are use to hold the tiles in place.

These ceilings are held up using sets of wires, and the grids are packed with tiles that are produced using mineral fiber blends. The tiles are mainly used to facilitate easy access to the ceilings for repairing, maintaining them and for aesthetics. The tiles are available in different styles making a wide range of options available for the builders.

The Benefits 

  • Low Power Costs

Provision of excellent insulation is another major benefit, with this insulation, the room gets heated up naturally. There will be little or no space left to heat up artificially. This greatly lowers the cost of energy bills.

The whitish area of the ceilings also helps to light up the surrounding area and helps with more brightness in the structure. It also gives a reflective surface and gives the impression of more space in the building.

  • Resistance to Sound

Dropped ceilings and some ceiling tiles employed in the ceilings are soundproof and have the characteristic of blocking out outside sounds; virtually every unwanted noise. The tiles absorb the sounds and gives the structure the serenity it needs, making them extremely useful in both the home and the office. The services of a professional is however needed to choose the best specification for its purpose.

  • Ability to Hold Installations

The general belief that suspended ceilings does not have the power to hold the installation of lights and other electronic objects like the ceiling fans on them has proven to be false over time. In fact, they are sturdy enough to carry any form of installation, and it’s virtually easy to install most appliances on them.

  • Time-Saving and Value for Money

Rather than renovating the traditional ceilings, it is advisable to cover with a suspended one. There is better value for money and less time is spent on the installation. Since they are time-saving, it is being employed more in modern architectural structures. Moreover, there is also the advantage of easy removal anytime renovation is needed.

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